Private Oliver Smth #62410 2nd Batt KOYLI (prev #65999 1/6th Batt Northumberland Fusiliers)

My Grandad, Oliver initailly was for some reason in the 1/6th batt Northumberland Fusiliers #65999 and we ‘ve been told he joined up underage (born 30 june 1900 Ashby de la zouch,Leics) and was a runner for the battalion and also that he’d represented the battalion in boxing,there was always mention of a photo and a medal for this sport but don’t know as to where they ended up…have looked into when he was re-mustered into the 2nd Battalion KOYLI¬† #62410 but to no avail…we have his serivce certificate which is surrounded by silk postcards of the era. (see pic) we do have a photo of him with two other comrades, but this is whilst he was with the Northumberland Fusiliers. I do have a brass trench art matchbox cover that was His. photo o fhim with two more pals is whilst he was in the Northumberland Fusiliers. and one photo shows him in his Home Guard days. He passed away in January 1959.


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