PLEASE NOTE: The Doncaster 1914-18 project ended in July 2019, so education sessions are no longer available through the project, but you can still enquire about sessions with Heritage Doncaster. Below is a summary of the Doncaster 1914-18 project’s activity from 2015 to 2019.

Doncaster 1914-18 delivered education programmes for primary and secondary schools across Doncaster. These programmes were and delivered in the classroom. Please find below descriptions of the programmes that we offer. The following programmes were offered by the project:


What is Remembrance Day and what does it mean?
What was life like for the men and women of Doncaster during the First World War?

With a Remembrance Day Roadshow students will get hands-on with First World War objects to learn more about life in Doncaster 1914-1918.  They will develop an understanding of Remembrance Day and why it is commemorated each year. They will have the opportunity to dress in First World War clothing and uniforms and uncover some of the stories of Doncaster’s men and women.
Suitable for all ages.
Sessions last at least one lesson.


Do you study the First World War as a class topic?
Are you looking to add some variety to your Maths, Literacy or Art lessons?
Do you want to find out more about what life was like in Doncaster 100 years ago?

Pupils have the chance to find out more the First World War and life in Doncaster 100 years ago with hands-on and interactive activities.  The programmes can fulfil curriculum requirements in History, Mathematics, literacy and Art and Design. Activities include handling real and replica First World War objects, dressing up in wartime costumes, making First World War snacks and a variety of interactive activities.
Sessions last at least 1 hour.


How can we make connections to war poetry and literature?
What was life like in Doncaster during the War?
What was life at the front like for Doncaster men during the War?

Bring the First World War to your classroom with First World War objects and costumes.  Learn about the realities of the First World War both on the front line and for the men and women who lived in Doncaster 1914-18. This interactive session aims to bring war poetry and literature to life and enable pupils to understand more about the environments the poets and authors were writing about.  This session can be adapted to suit a single or double lesson.