Primary School Resources

Make your own Hard Tack
Follow this recipe and make your own hard tack biscuits. Hard tack was one of the main foods a soldier had to eat whilst fighting on the front line. It was a hard biscuit made of flour, salt and water.
Curriculum links: Mathematics, History, Food Technology

Make your own 1914 Princess Mary Gift Fund tin
Make your own 1914 Princess Mary Gift Fund tin. These tins were given as  a gift to all soldiers serving in the British Army at Christmas in 1914 by the Royal Family. Pupils can use this template to make their own tin. Challenge your pupils to think about what they would like to find inside a similar tin today, or what type of gifts soldiers would have liked to have found in them.You can read about the Christmas tins here.
Curriculum links: Mathematics, History, British Values

Make a First World War soldier’s ID tag
From 1915 it was compulsory for all soldiers to wear an ID tag. This ID tag contained important information about the soldier. This information was particularly important if the tag was found on an injured or dead soldier. Use this template to make your own soldier’s ID tag. You can use the biographies of soldiers below to complete the information needed on the tag. Note: If Religion is not listed please use CofE.
Curriculum links: English, History, British Values

First World War Soldier’s Kit
Use this hand-out to find out about the kit that soldiers in the British Army had during the First World War.

Soldiers’ Profiles:
Arthur Baker
Frank Earnshaw

Charles Harsley
Charles Albert Minty
Eric Vaux