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About Doncaster 1914-18

What is Doncaster 1914-18?
Doncaster 1914 -18 is a community heritage project commemorating the centenary of the First World War. The Project is run by Doncaster Heritage Services and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund with a grant of £926,700.

The project encourages Doncaster people and those with connections to the area to research and share their own First World War stories.

Between 2015 and 2019, a series of events, exhibitions and a new website will explore the role of the borough, its people, and the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in the conflict, both at home and on the front line.

How can I get in touch?
The Doncaster 1914-18 team is based at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery. You can contact us using our online form, via email: [email protected], or call 01302 734409 (weekdays 9am – 5pm).

What if I’m not from Doncaster?
Although the project is based in Doncaster, we cover the entire metropolitan borough and most of the old West Riding. If you have a connection to the borough, past or present, you’re welcome to contribute to the site.

When I search for a person, how is the list of names populated?
Our names database is the result of a 10-year project by a local volunteer named Wyn. At the start of the project, the database contained names of all serving personnel with reports in the Doncaster Chronicle or Doncaster Gazette – all researched and recorded by Wyn. Through the website you can tag your own stories to associate them with our database, or request that your ancestor’s name be added to it, as we seek to build a comprehensive index of all Doncaster people involved in the War.

Using the website

Do I have to register?
You do not have to register to search the website and browse our content and collections. However, creating an account allows you to add your own story for everyone to read, upload photographs, and join groups.

Do I have to pay to access content?
All website content is free to access. You can search and view records from Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery, Cusworth Hall,  the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Museum,  Doncaster Archives and Doncaster Local Studies Library, as well as content contributed by local history groups and our community archive.

How do I search for a person or place?
You can search the whole website using the search bar at the top of each page. This will show you a list of people from our names database, relevant First World War items from Doncaster Museum, Local Studies and Archives collections, and stories that have been contributed to the website. You can narrow your results using the tick boxes on the left sidebar.

How does the Advanced Search work?
If you know exactly what you’re looking for, just click ‘More Options’ to expand a more specific search tool. Here you can search for items from a specific location, date, postcode, or keyword, or even search by an item’s unique identifier, if you know it.

I can’t find what I’m looking for
Website content will be added to and updated throughout the course of the project, until 2019. If you can’t find a person, place or story, you can add them to the website yourself.

Where can I learn about First World War history?
To get started with First World War history, check out our Subject pages. Here you can read about more general topics and learn about the context behind Doncaster in the First World War, including commonly-found objects and themes such as women at war and conscription.

Contributing to the website

How do I register?
To sign up, just click here and complete the short form on the right. We only need a few basic details to get you signed up and posting content. You will receive a confirmation email – just click the enclosed link to confirm your account and get started. Remember to check your spam box if you don’t receive the email from us.

What kind of submissions can I make?
Anybody with any kind of First World War connection to the borough is welcome to contribute to the website. You may have a relative who lived through the War, a family friend who fought in Gallipoli, or know an interesting story about a First World War nurse who lived on your street. Whether your connection is large or small, we’d love for you to add your story.

How do I add a First World War story?
We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to add your content to the site. Just visit the Add Your Story page and follow the instructions. You can add as much or as little information as you want. You can also change text formatting and add your own images to really bring the memories to life. If you’re having trouble adding your story, we will be hosting numerous Digital Roadshows where you can come along and add your story with the help of our project team. View our event listings or email us to find out more.

When will my story appear on the site?
The first time you submit a story it will have to be approved by our moderators. This typically takes less than one working day. Once you’ve had a story approved, it will show in search results and you can share it with family and friends. Any further stories you add will then appear instantly.

How do I attach a photo?
You can insert an image directly into your story by clicking the red ‘Insert an image’ button, on the story editor. When the file manager pops up, just click ‘Upload’ and choose an image from your computer. You can then edit the title and description of the image, and tag any names or places that feature in it. Just click the green ‘Insert’ button to add it to your post. You can also add a Featured Image, which will display as a large image on your story page.

I have some First World War items but I don’t have a scanner or camera. Can you scan or photograph my items for me?
Yes! We will be hosting numerous Digital Roadshows where you can come along and get your photographs, letters, and objects digitised with the help of our project team. We may also be able to arrange a visit to digitise your collection, if you are unable to travel to an event. View our event listings or email us to find out more.

How do I connect my story to a person or place?
Connecting your story to a person, place, or date on our timeline is the best way to verify your information and make it appear in all website searches. Use the ‘How is your story connected?’ box at the bottom of the submissions form, to link your story to a person or place in our database. You can also request to add a new person (if you can’t find the correct name) or tag a place on our interactive map. This will link your story to any others who are related.

I’ve done some extra research – how can I link everything together?
A unique aspect of our website is the ability to link your story to many external datasets from First World War partner websites. When you upload an image, click ‘Edit’ and then navigate to the ‘Add More Details’ tab. Here you can search and tag your ancestor’s details from the following websites: The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Lives of the First World War, The Royal British Legion Every Man Remembered, the Red Cross VADs, and the IWM War Memorials Archive Names.

Can I go back and edit my content?
You can edit your stories at any time by visiting your Dashboard and clicking ‘Manage Your Stories and Files’.

Copyright and Privacy

What copyright licences apply to images on the website?
You keep the copyright in any content that you create or publish on the website. All content, whether created by Doncaster 1914-18 or user-submitted, falls under an Attribution NonCommercial Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-NC 3.0). This allows us (Doncaster Heritage Services) and its users (any third party) to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, and also allows to them remix, transform, and build upon the material. This licence requires us or any third party user to give appropriate credit to content, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. If we or any third party user does make alterations to the content, they have to allow others to use the altered content under the same conditions. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you agree to grant Doncaster 1914-18 a non-exclusive license to reproduce material you submit online, in project exhibitions and in promotional material relating to the Doncaster 1914-18 project for the duration of the project.

One of my images is used on the website and I want it taken down.
We have striven to gain the appropriate permissions for all images used on the website, and to use images in the public domain where possible. If we have a made a mistake in crediting an image, or you own the rights to an image used on the site, please send us an email and we will be happy to remove or correct the image.

Can I access high-resolution images?
We do store high resolution versions of all images that we create for the site (this excludes user-uploaded content). These may be available for use on request – please email [email protected] to enquire.

How will my information be used?
Any personal information you share with us when setting up your account will be processed and stored securely. We will not share or sell your personal details. We may email you to provide updates about your content or the project. Any content you post to the website can be viewed by anyone – please do not share personal details relating to yourself or others without proper permission. Details of how we may use your online content (excluding your personal details) can be found in our terms and conditions.

What happens when I delete my account? Can I permanently remove all data I’ve submitted?
You can delete your account by entering and confirming your email address in the Manage My Account section of the website. By doing this, your profile and any images and content you have uploaded will disappear from public view. However, this information will be stored privately by us until the end of the project. Should you wish us to completely remove all content and data stored about you, please fill out this form.

Other Questions

Can I come in to view an object from the website?
It is possible to view items from the website – some are on display in our exhibitions at Doncaster Museum, while some are not currently out for public viewing. Newspapers are available to view on microfilm at the Local Studies Library, and most documents are available to view on request at Doncaster Archives. Please use our contact form to confirm if an item will be available to view, or to request an appointment.

Can I donate my physical items to the Museum or Archives collection?
We are not looking to collect items for the Doncaster Heritage Services collection as part of the project. However, we may wish to loan objects for use in our exhibitions, or accession them into the Museum or Archives on an individual basis. Please get in touch using our contact form if you have items you would like to donate.

Do you have any useful resources I can download?
We have a growing collection of First World War and family history resources, including recipes and conservation guides, on our Resources page.

Do you provide any education resources?
Yes – as part of the project we can provide school programs, as well as free visits to community centres, care homes and colleges. Please view our Education section for learning resources or to book a session.