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Louis Gobau

Date Birth: 03/09/1870Place Of Birth: AntwerpSpouse: RosalieRegiment: Belgian RefugeeService Record: Carpenter Children: Jean, Eliza (packer at Tapioca factory), Marie (Tobacco factory worker)Census Years:

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Prospertus Joseph Jonckheere

Date Birth: 03/08/1884Place Of Birth: AntwerpSpouse: MadeleineRank: Belgian Army (31.05.17)Regiment: Belgian RefugeeService Record: Miner at Bulcroft Colliery, joins Belgian Army 31 May 1917Census Years:

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Peter Harboord

Date Birth: 03/08/1887Place Of Birth: AntwerpSpouse: JulienneRegiment: Belgium RefugeeService Record: Grocer Children: Gabriel Census Years:

DC 06.11.1914 Pg8

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Julius Meens

Place Of Birth: AntwerpRegiment: Belgian RefugeeCensus Years:

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Charles Van de Brande

Place Of Birth: AntwerpSpouse: MarionRegiment: Belgian RefugeeService Record: Diamond WorkerCensus Years: