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Arthur Vernon Ross (1 Story)

Date Birth: 11/03/1879Place Of Birth: Toot Baldon, OxfordshireFather: James RossMother: Elizabeth RossSiblings: Hilda Charlotte Marion Ross, Katherine Agnes Ross, Basil John Ross, Reginald Wellington Ross, Evangeline Edith Mary Ross, Cyril John RossDate Death: 20/02/1949Age Actual: 69Rank: CommanderService Type: NavyService Record: 1916 - in Charge of HM Wireless Station Wartime stations: Acting Commander for Stockton Wireless Station 22.6.16 to 14.06.1919 President IV as Officer C. Skibberem Liutenant Commander 15.06.1919 to 14.09.1919 President V for Cleethorpe Wireless Station 15.09.1919 until 12.11.1921 Pembroke as D O C G Cleethorpe 01.01.20 until 12.11.1921 Pembroke for Wireless Station 05.12.21 President for Special Services Commander 26.08.1939 to 10.10.1939 Placed on retired list at own request with rank of Commander 05.12.1922 Census Years: 1881

Had good knowledge of French, German and 'good practical knowledge of telegraphy' according to his service record

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Cyrill Slater

Place Of Birth: LocalDate Death: 04/07/1916Age Actual: 20Rank: Ships WriterService Type: NavyCensus Years:

Cause of death: Died of Pneumonia Theatre of war: France and the Persian Gulf Comments: Roll of Honour

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Leonard Slack

Place Of Birth: DoncasterDate Death: 13/11/1916Rank: L SeamanService Type: NavyRegiment: R.N.D.Census Years:

Cause of death: In Action Theatre of war: Germany Notes comments: Obituary

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Thomas Simms

Place Of Birth: AskernDate Death: 29/12/1915Rank: SeamanService Type: NavyRegiment: R.N.D.Census Years:

Cause of death: Rheumatic fever Theatre of war: Gibraltar Notes comments: Buried at sea In Memoriam Roll of Honour Comments: Theatre of War: Salonica notes

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Albert Shirtliff

Place Of Birth: TickhillRank: A BService Type: NavyRegiment: Drake Battalion

Comments: WoundedTheatre of war: Dardanelles

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Place Of Birth: StainforthRank: SeamanService Type: NavyRegiment: Dover Patrol

Comments: WoundedTheatre of war: France

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William Senior

Place Of Birth: HexthorpeDate Death: --/--/1917Rank: GunnerService Type: NavyRegiment: R.F.A.

Cause of death: Wounds Notes comments: Photograph page 3 23/03/1917

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Place Of Birth: LocalRank: BDRService Type: NavyRegiment: R.F.A.Service Number: 121050Census Years:

Comments: Wounded Theatre of war: France

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George Arthur Seaman

Place Of Birth: DoncasterDate Death: 26/11/1914Age Actual: 21Rank: StokerService Type: NavyRegiment: HMS BullwarkCensus Years:

Cause of death: Was reported missing, lost at Sea Theatre of war: France Comments: List of names read by vicar of the parish of Wheatley, was reported missing, in memoriam, roll of honour

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Rank: P OService Type: NavyRegiment: R.M Air Service

Cause of death: Died Theatre of war: France Notes comments: List of names read by vicar of the parish of Wheatley