Campsmount Hall

The Campsmount estate was built in between 1752 and 1756 by the Yarborough family of Campsall and the estate remained in the family. George Eustace Cooke-Yarborough inherited the Campsmount estate in 1915. Immediately after the First World War, George began to sell parts of the estate. Eventually the site was abandoned by the family and demolished, and Campsmount School was later built on the land.


Mary Violet Cooke-Yarborough

(Mary) Violet Cooke-Yarborough lived with her siblings and parents at Campsmount. During the First...


Mary Alice Cooke-Yarborough

Alice served with the Red Cross during the First World War and was living with her sister Violet in...


Edmund Selwyn Cooke-Yarborough

Edmund Selwyn Cooke-Yarborough lived with his family at Campsmount and worked as a District...


Orfeur Cooke-Yarborough

Orfeur lived at Campsmount with his family. His father George was a local magistrate and Orfeur...