Hooton Pagnell Hall

One of the oldest Halls in the area, parts of Hooton Pagnell Hall may be as old as 14th Century. The Hall was bought by the Warde family in the late 1600s, and has been in the family ever since. During the First World War, (Sarah) Julia Warde-Aldam opened the Hall up as a hospital, treating soldiers wounded at the Front. Today, the Hall is a private residence and a wedding venue.


William Wright Warde-Aldam

The head of the Hooton Pagnell and Frickley estates who oversaw conscription tribunals during the...


Dorothy Chisholm Taylor

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Winifred Ruth Binnie

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John Ralph Patientius Warde-Aldam

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William St Andrew Warde-Aldam

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Sarah Julia Warde-Aldam

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