Loversall Hall

Loversall, also known as Loversal, Hall was built in the late 1700s with additional alterations made in the early 1800s. The Hall passed through various families, but remained in the Skipwith family for many years. During the First World War, the Hall was opened as a hospital for wounded soldiers by (Sophia) Flora Skipwith. The Hall was sold at auction in 1967. The Hall is still standing and is currently used as office accommodation and a private residence.


George Kingston Sullivan

George Kingston Sullivan was born in 1876 in Ireland. George was a career soldier and served with...


Mary Effie Skipwith

During the First World War, Sophia Skipwith of Loversal Hall opened her home up as a hospital...


Gertrude Esther May Skipwith

Gertrude Esther May Skipwith, known just as May, was born in 1891 in Tunbridge Wells. May lived with...


Granville Arthur Skipwith

Granville was born in 1893 in Tunbridge Wells. Prior to the First World War he lived with his family...


Sophia Flora Skipwith

Flora Cooke-Yarborough was born in 1854 in London. Flora married Grey Townsend Skipwith in 1887, and...