Sprotbrough Hall

Sprotbrough Hall was built in the 17th century for Sir Godfrey Copley, a scientist and engineer, and remained in the family until the 1920s. During the First World War, the heir to the estate, Redvers Bewicke-Copley, was killed in action. The Hall was sold and demolished soon after the First World War and a housing estate was built on the land.


Hubert Fitzwilliam Foljambe

Hubert Foljambe was born in London in 1873. Educated at Eton, Hubert was a career soldier and served...


Robert Godfrey Bewicke-Copley

Robert Godfrey Bewicke-Copley was born in May 1893 and resided with the family at Sprotbrough Hall....


Redvers Lionel Bewicke-Copley

Redvers Bewicke-Copley was born September 1890 in London. He was educated at Eton and later joined...


Dorothy Albreda Bewicke-Copley

Dorothy Albreda Bewicke-Copley was born in 1891 in Sprotbrough, Doncaster. While her brothers were...