Wadworth Hall

Wadworth was built in the mid 1700s on the site of an old hall. The Ross family took on the Hall in the 1800s. James Coulman Ross, the Vicar of Loversall, resided at the Hall during the First World War. The Ross family had a tradition of Arctic exploration. James Coulman’s father James Clark Ross and his great-uncle Sir John Ross both explored the Arctic. James Coulman died in 1916. His three sons Basil, Vernon and Reginald served during the First World War, and two daughters were nurses at Loversall Hall. The Hall was later used as a nursing home and offices. It is currently in use as a private residence.


Evangeline Edith Mary Ross

Evangeline Edith Mary Ross was born in 1882 in Oxford and resided at the family home in Wadworth....


Hilda Charlotte Marion Ross

Hilda Charlotte Marion Ross was born in 1871 and resided with the Ross family at Wadworth Hall. She...


Reginald Wellington Ross

Reginald Wellington Ross, born in 1880 in Oxfordshire, was the youngest son of the Ross family. He...


Cyril John Ross

Cyril John Ross was born in July 1877 in Oxfordshire. Cyril studied at the Royal Naval Academy as a...


Arthur Vernon Ross

Arthur Vernon Ross was born in March 1879 in Oxfordshire. He served with the Royal Navy previous to...


Basil James Ross

Basil James Ross was born in 1874 in Oxfordshire. He resided with his family at Wadworth Hall and...