Doncaster High School for Girls

The Doncaster High School for Girls was built in 1910. During war time, the girls of the school proved to be important contributors to the war effort. They knitted socks, raised money and collected food. In the school magazine from December 1914, one of the students described how they were knitting continuously for soldiers and they have their ‘bayonets (knitting needles) fixed, and any German coming round a corner would have to be careful of his eyes.’

The school regularly held ‘Pound Days’ for local hospitals including the Arnold Hospital and Loversall Hall. One Pound Day for the Arnold in 1915 supplied the hospital with 65lbs of sugar, 45lbs of rice, 12 lbs of biscuits, bacon, tea, cheese, flour and 194 eggs!

Girls High School c. 1910 9.ESC.46A (Small)

Girls High School c. 1910 9.ESC.46A. Doncaster Local Studies Library.