Doncaster Museum

Doncaster Museum opened in Beechfield House in March 1910. Beechfield House stood where the Civic Quarter stands today, and the Museum moved to its current home on Chequer Road in 1964.

The museum stayed open and continued to collect objects throughout the duration of the war. In November 1915, Colonel Somerville requested rooms at Beechfield Museum for the purpose of displaying ‘war trophies and relics’ for the public. His request was fulfilled by the council in December 1915.

One key donation to the museum was a German machine gun, given in 1921 by Nigel Gresley, the famous steam locomotive engineer. Another famous addition to the Museum gardens was a tank called ‘Danum’, given after the war in recognition of Doncaster’s fundraising efforts during Tank Bank Week in 1918.

Unfortunately both the gun and the tank were scrapped for their metal before the end of the Second World War.

However, some museum donations handed over in the aftermath of the conflict remain in the collection today. A replica Lusitania medal was donated by Mr Dawson-Marsh in 1922. These medals were produced to commemorate the sinking of the Lusitania passenger liner by German torpedoes in May 1915 and to raise funds for the St Dunstan’s Hospital for Blinded Soldiers and Sailors. The medal is on display in Cusworth Hall.

4.Halls.35 - Beechfield via Local Studies

4.Halls.35 – Beechfield via Local Studies