Firbeck Camp

After the outbreak of war, there were many men who were over military age or unable to enlist who still wanted to contribute to the war effort. As a result, home defence volunteer organisations formed around the country. However, although the Central Association of Volunteer Training Corps was recognised by the War Office in November 1914, volunteers were not provided with equipment or monetary support and were not allowed to wear uniforms that could be confused with those of the Regular Army. Men of the V.T.C. wore red arm bands with the letters ‘GR’ meaning ‘Georgius Rex’ to distinguish themselves from serving military personnel.

In August 1915, the Doncaster Volunteers held a camp in the grounds of Firbeck Hall. Around 100 men attended the 2 day camp, 14 of whom were from Tickhill, taking part in parades, drills and marches through the villages of Loversall, Wadworth and Tickhill.

Doncaster Chronicle Aug 6 1915 pg 2

Doncaster Chronicle Aug 6 1915 pg 2. Doncaster Local Studies Library