The Arnold Auxiliary Hospital

Auxiliary Hospitals and Convalescent Homes treating sick soldiers were of great importance during the First World War. Unlike Military Hospitals, the patients of these hospitals and homes generally did not have life threatening illnesses but instead needed time to recuperate. In and around Doncaster, many local buildings were offered to the war effort and members of the local community provided their services. Edenfield House on Thorne Road was donated by W. S. Arnold, a local building contractor, and became The Arnold Auxiliary Hospital.

The hospital was under the command of Mrs Pickering and gained a great reputation amongst convalescing soldiers. The Doncaster Gazette reported that soldiers were so reluctant to leave the excellent treatment at the Arnold that one patient was suspected of trying to get himself a minor injury in order to stay longer. When he had to leave, the soldier declared that as soon as he got back to the front he was going to stick his hand up for the Germans to shoot at and shout ‘NOW, FOR THE ARNOLD’S HOSPITAL!’
The building is still standing and is now used as Rutland House, a conferencing suite:

Rutland House Conference Centre

Rutland House Conference Centre. Courtesy of Katie Coultard, Rutland House.