The Mansion House

The first Belgian Refugees that arrived in Doncaster in October 1914 were entertained by the Mayoress at the Mansion House. At the beginning of the war, the Mansion House served as the stores depot for the Voluntary Aid Detachment. By January of 1915, the Doncaster Gazette reported that over 3,000 garments have already been dispatched from this depot to be used at the Front.

The Mansion House was also the original site of the first VAD hospital in the area. The rooms in the Mansion House were so in demand that this hospital was later moved to Edenfield on Thorne Road and became known as the Arnold Auxiliary Hospital. The administration of the local war effort including relief committees, recruitment drives, fund raising and registrations all took place in the Mansion House. The Mayors and Mayoresses that served throughout the war years were key local figures, encouraging people to contribute to the war effort.

When the war came to an end, the Mayor announced armistice from the steps of the Mansion House:

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