Arnold Hospital Commandant Alice Mabel Pickering

Mrs Pickering at the Arnold Auxiliary Hospital

Title: Mrs Pickering at the Arnold Auxiliary Hospital
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Alice Mabel Simpson was born in 1861 in Ledsham, Yorkshire. Aged 24, she married William Henry Pickering. They had one son, Basil Henry, and the family lived on Lawn Road, Doncaster.  William worked as a Mine Inspector and was killed in 1912 during the Cadeby Mining Disaster alongside miners, managers and officials.

The running of the Arnold Auxiliary Hospital was the responsibility of Mrs Pickering and she was held in high esteem in the local area. It was often reported that Mrs Pickering found comfort for her own personal loss by caring for soldiers. Alice was awarded an MBE for her wartime contributions and was decorated by the King at Buckingham Palace. She died in 1939 in Doncaster.

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