Arthur Leslie Hornbuckle

 Arthur Leslie Hornbuckle was born in 1898 in Netherfield, Nottinghamshire. He had one sister, Gertrude, who was three years older than him and also born in Netherfield. Both parents, Thomas and Ellen, were from Leicestershire. The family never moved far from their roots; when Arthur was two they were living in Deabill St, Carlton, and ten years later had moved to nearby Meadow Road. Thomas was a railway guard on the Great Northern Railway (GNR), and Arthur followed in his footsteps starting work for the GNR in July 1914. When he enlisted in 1916 he gave his occupation as a number taker.  Number takers were clerks employed to record the numbers of privately-owned or foreign wagons using a railway company’s goods yard.

Arthur was posted to the Staffordshire Regiment when he joined up and he served with them in France, shipping out in February 1917. He was transferred to the Essex Regiment in August 1918 and stayed with them until his discharge in November 1919. His family relate that he was injured during a battle in France, having a piece of shrapnel lodged in his scalp. This was never removed and he lived with it all his life.

After demob Arthur returned to the railway and in 1924 he married Frances Ethel Marston, also a local girl.  The railway connection continued  – her father, William, was also employed at the GNR works. William was originally a Doncaster man, born in Bentley.

The couple continued to live in the same area of Nottinghamshire and by 1939 they were living in Dunstan Street, Carlton (Netherfield) and Arthur was now a goods guard, working for what was now called the London and North Eastern Railway, (LNER).  Arthur died aged 70 in 1969 in the same area he had lived in all his life, and Frances followed him ten years later, dying aged 75.

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