G.N.R man Charles Torr

Charles Torr

Title: Charles Torr
Description: Doncaster Gazette 9 July 1915 by-nc

Charles Torr was born in 1892 to Charles and Eliza Torr of Hexthorpe, where he lived with his parents and 9 brothers and sisters in Urban Road.He went to school at St James’ Church School, leaving when he was 13 to start work at canteen in the Crimpsall Repair Shop of the Great Northern Railway Works, (the Plant).

He enlisted in the 6th KOYLI (King’s Own Light Infantry) as a volunteer at the start of the war, as did his brother George. This battalion was made up largely of men from local industry, and when Charles signed up so did four of his workmates from the Plant.

By May 1915 the battalion was deemed ready for action, all training completed, and they embarked for France. On the 29th June, Charles was dead; killed by a shell that hit the trench he and his Plant mates were working in, killing them instantly.

Brother George wrote to his parents to tell them the news, saying “Don’t let it trouble you. He died happy. They were all laughing and joking when it happened”.

Interestingly, Charles’ “Memorial Plaque” that the families of those who died in the war received, was found 90 years after the end of the War in a garage in Bawtry.


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