Do you recognise this KOYLI soldier?

Unknown KOYLI solider

Title: Unknown KOYLI solider
Description: Do you recognise him? by-nc

This photograph of a soldier from the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry was found in the collection of a Bradford family. Their family research suggests that, if it is a family member, it could be either Arthur Thompson or Albert Walker. Both were working class types, the former possibly a Dock Worker and the latter a Bricklayer/Labourer. These are speculative suggestions, but possible. As far as we know, both of these men initially came from Goole, the latter being born in Hull – so how one of them might have found their way into the K.O.Y.L.I. ranks is intriguing if true. Other possibilities could be that this man was someone’s sweetheart, but who is a good question.

Do you recognise him? If you think you can put a name to the face, please leave a comment so we can find out his story.

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