Edwin Ashton

Edwin Ashton - far right

Title: Edwin Ashton - far right
Description: Submitted by Margaret Groome by-nc

Edwin Ashton was born on 13 August 1890 at 145 Catherine Street, Doncaster. Edwin enlisted in the Army Service Corps on 14 June 1915.

He served in Egypt and then at Gallipolli. Whilst in Gallipolli he was sent home to recuperate after becoming sick with dysentery. Later on in the war he was gassed, and nearly blinded.

He married Eveline Clarkson on 29th July 1918 whilst at home on leave. His mother, Margaret-Ann, and sister, Maud, were both Voluntary Aid Detachment nurses at the Arnold Auxilliary Hospital, Thorne Road. Edwin Ashton’s great-niece still lives in Doncaster today.

Edwin Ashton is on the far right of this picture. His wife is standing next to him. Margaret-Ann Ashton is seated next to the bride, and Maud Ashton is seated next to the groom.

Information and photographs provided by Margaret Groome, Edwin Ashton’s great-neice.


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