Flagship Signaller, Archibald George Skerritt Survives Close Encounters in the Battle of Jutland

Archibald George Skerritt was born on 22nd December 1899, the son of a grocer, George and his wife, Mary. They lived together with Archibald’s younger siblings, Leslie, Eleanor and Edward where they initially grew up on Elsworth Street. After his school days, Archibald would work as an Engine Driver before joining the Royal Navy in the First World War. He passed the entry requirements at a young age, described as a ‘remarkably fine lad physically.’

Little is known about Archibald’s service record prior to the Battle of Jutland including his previous vessels. In the battle, he served on Jellicoe’s flagship, HMS Iron Duke, as a signaller. This vessel was a battleship which survived the conflict and inflicted heavy damage on the German fleet. After the battle, Archibald continued to serve in the Royal Navy. He was posted on other vessels including HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Vivid II. In 1921, he married Olive Fortherby in Doncaster and they moved to Rushmymore Road, Askern, and later, Tennyson Avenue. When Olive passed away in Crewe in the 1950s, Archibald was working as an Inspector of the Post Office.  Archibald died aged 75 in Bangor, Caernarvonshire in 1974.

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