Francis Clifford Royle – Town Moor Airmen in Canada

Francis ‘Frank’ Clifford Royle was born in 1886 in Rotherham. He moved to Doncaster as a child and lived with his family on Town Moor Avenue.  His father Thomas Clifford Royle was the registrar of births and deaths. Like all of his brothers, Frank worked in the banking business.

Francis enlisted in February of 1917 and married Frances Jesse Wasley a few days later in Doncaster. Although Francis started out as a 3rd Class Air Mechanic, he received a steady stream of promotions and by August 1917 and he was serving as a Corporal. From March 1917 to January 1919 he was serving out in Canada. During this time, his wife Francis was living at 44 Ravensworth Road, Doncaster. Frank’s address on discharge in 1920 is listed on his service record as his parent’s address on Town Moor Avenue.

By 1939, Frank and Francis were residing at 8 Imperial Crescent, Doncaster and Frank had followed in his father’s footsteps by working as a registrar of births and deaths.  Frank died at Doncaster Royal Infirmary on 15 January 1965.

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