Frederick Fox – defective eye sight finished his war

Frederick was born in 1878 in Doncaster and little is known of his early life, but in 1913 Frederick left for Victoria, Australia.

At the age of 37 he enlisted and took the oath on the 4th February 1915 at Liverpool, New South Wales (Frederick was a Labourer at the time). His regiment was the 17th. Reinforcements, 2nd. Battalion. On the 8th April, 1915 he embarked from Sydney, Australia on HMAT “Argylishire” A8 and headed for Gallipoli. In the same year on the 14th August  he received a gun shot wound to the left knee. Frederick was admitted to the 1st. A.C.C.S. Madras, and was later discharged on the 22nd August to  rejoined his unit on the 27th September, 1915.

On the 3rd March, 1916 Frederick joined the Command School of Instruction at Zeitoun, Egypt and from here Frederick was transferred to France.  Taken on strength to No.1 Rouen Base Camp 21st March,1916. Frederick was taken sick on the 21st July, 1916 and was taken to a  field ambulance, and later on the 26th July embarked on H.S.”Asturias” for England  with a sprained right ankle and was  admitted to the 6th.Southern Hospital at Portsmouth.  On the 28th July Frederick ceased to be attached to The 1st. Infantry Brigade.

On the 7th September, 1916 Frederick was fit enough to be  marched into 1st.Training at Perham Downs,Wiltshire.  Unfortunately Frederick was not on his best behaviour so on the 1st November 1916 received 10 days detention  for going A.W.L. from 24.00hrs 22nd October  to  09.00hrs on 1st November, 1916 and on the same day taken on strength from No1.Command Depot to the 1st.Infantry Brigade.

Once again Frederick was reported sick (26th January, 1917)  and sent to Fargo Hospital  Larkhill Garrison on Salisbury Plain, with Synovitis (Inflammation of the Joints.)  Then later in February (13th)  he was admitted to Sutton Veny Hospital with Bronchitis Catarrh.  During this time he was  marched out to Weymouth from the 1st.Infantry Brigade 26th January,  transferred to 17th.Field  Ambulance No.2 Com. Depot, Weymouth and  Taken On Strength 17th. from the 2nd.Battalion No.2 Camp Depot Weymouth.

On the 9th September, 1917 at Windmill Hill Frederick went A.W.L. for a second time!  (From 09.00. 9th September  until 19.00 on the 10th September 1917.)

On the 25th October,  1917 he was part of the A.A.M.C. Detail (Australian Army Medical Corps) Depot at Parkhouse on Disbandment of the 17th. Field Ambulance.  Attended for duty with The 1st. A.D.H. (Australian Dermatological Hospital) at Bulford on the 4th November 1917 until  4th March, 1918.

In July 1918 (26th)  Frederick was reclassified by the medical board with defective sight, which he had on enlistment, but had gradually became worse since his time at  Gallipoli and over the war his sight deteriorated.  So, on the 10th May, 1919 Frederick was discharged from the Army as medically unfit for service.

Whilst Frederick was at the Bulford camp he married a Beatrice Maud Victoria Carter on the 19th June, 1918

Fredericks awards are…1914/15 Star, British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

Letter from Australian Immigration and Labour Bureau. 9th August 1918







HMAT “Argylishire”.  This is the ship that Frederick left Australia on and headed for the Great War in Europe.

Dear Sir,

I beg to ask if you would be so good as to advise me whether you have any record of the enlistment or embarkation of Fred Fox, born in England, 8th November 1892, and who came to Victoria through the agency of this Department in September 1913.  We have been advised that he enlisted as a member of the A.I.F as No.1856, 4th Reinforcements, 2nd Battalion, embarking on the 11/4/15.
Address on a Medical Certificate was 22 Wige, Mildenhall, Marlborough. Wiltshire.



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