From Wales to the World

Though Mary was born Machynlleth, the family moved all around Wales; from Machynlleth to Scubory Coed to Llwynon before finally settling in Glandyfi by 1917.

Her father, Charles Richard Kenyon, was originally from Doncaster, born in Hooton Pagnell in 1848. By 1881 aged 33, he and a good chunk of his family had relocated to Wales and become a farmer of 175 acres of land and employing 4 men and a boy.

It wasn’t until he was 44 that he married. In 1892 he married Kent born Lillian Ann Beresford who was 33. In 1894 they had their only son, Charles Henry Beresford, and in 1896 they had their only daughter, Mary Patricia Grace.

In 1915 Mary joined the Red Cross and worked at Gledhow Hall V.A.D. Hospital in Leeds for 3 weeks and then a further 3 weeks in 1916. In September 1917 she started work at Hooton Pagnell Hall in Doncaster where her particular duties were surgery, wards, night duty and pantry work. She remained there until December 1918 having worked 909 hours in total.

After her service for the Red Cross ended she returned to her parent’s home Ranger Lodge in Glandyfi.

In 1923 she married George Gregory Hills. He had also been born in Machynlleth and it is possible that they knew each other as children. He moved into her family home of Ranger Lodge where they lived until his death in 1955. It appears that George made his living as a trader and that involved travelling internationally, travelling to and from Africa. Sometimes he did this alone and sometimes Mary joined him.

After his death Mary remarried in 1956 to William Hubert Mappin. William was a plant nursery owner who spent a lot of time travelling. After they were married Grace went with him and together they went to places such as Québec in Canada, Las Palmas in Spain, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

William died in 1966 leaving everything to his widow. She stayed in Wales and died in 1978 aged 82.

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