George Cockin died Christmas Day 1916

George Cockin was born on the 23 Feb 1869 in Bentley, Doncaster, and was the son of Harriet and William Cockin. He had two brothers, William and Robert, and two sisters, Georgiana and Elizabeth. William, George’s father, was employed as a watch and clock maker, and his mother worked as a school mistress. As a child he was educated at Beechfield Junior Boys School and after leaving school worked as a labourer.

After the 1891 census, George relocated to Derby. and on the the 24th September 1900, George married Agnes Ann Yeoman, the daughter of Isaac Yeoman, at St Chad’s Church, Derby.

A year later, George and his wife had moved to 14 Rawdon Street in Derby and George had found work as a house painter. The couple went on to have four children, George Jr, Dora, Sarah and Gertrude. By 1911 the family had relocated to 4 West End Avenue, Bentley, where George continued to work as a house painter.

At the start of the First World War, George enlisted as a corporal in the Royal Engineers 224th Field Coy.

On Christmas day 1916 George died at Bangor Military Hospital, North Wales. The circumstances of him falling ill or being wounded are unclear, but his body was returned to Bentley and buried at Bentley-with-Arksey cemetery.


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