George Kingston Sullivan

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George Kingston Sullivan was born in 1876 in Ireland. George was a career soldier and served with the 1st King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in Hong Kong before the outbreak of the First World War. During the First World War, he continued his service with the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, serving as a Captain and Adjutant (administrator) in the 5th Battalion. He later transferred to the 2/10 London Regiment. He was awarded a Military Cross in early 1916 for his actions at the front. George married Frances Helen Skipwith, of Loversal Hall, in September 1917 in Doncaster. After the war, the couple moved to Flaxton in North Yorkshire and George served as a the secretary to the West Riding Territorial army. George died in Malton in 1961 and was buried at Loversal.

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  1. I have a small thin metal coin like disc slightly larger than a farthing. On the perimeter is the name George Kingston and in the centre is 10/-. It is about a millimeter thick and the looks as if has been pressed from one side. Could this be in any way connected George Kingston here?

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