Henry Crisp

On 1 October, 1915 Florence Crisp b. 1876 of 17 West Laith Gate admitted by the Police to the Workhouse, her husband Henry Crisp 195293 serving on the HMS Leviathan, on the 6 October Florence was discharged to the asylum.

Henry Crisp (No.195293) serving on HMS Leviathan during the time when his wife Florence was admitted to the Workhouse and then discharged to the Asylum in October 1915.  The HMS Leviathan was with the Grand Fleet 6th and 1st Cruiser Squadron, North America and West Indies North Atlantic Convoys, between July 1914 and December, 1918.  On 1 October 1915 the HMS Leviathan was in Nova Scotia sailing on the 10th bound for Bermuda via New York, arriving on the 14th October where it was stationed all of October.

Before the war in 1911 Henry and Florence, with their daughter Florence Annie (b.1907 Doncaster) were living at 3 Moores Place, West Street, Doncaster, Henry was a labourer.  Neither Henry or Florence were from Yorkshire (with a  possible marriage in 1903 in Christchurch, Hampshire between a Henry Edward Crisp and a Florence Loveless is the only link to be found).

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