Cambridge University student Herbert Vincent Corbett

Corbett H.V. Capt Cambridgeshire Rgt Don Chron  7-5-1915

Title: Corbett H.V. Capt Cambridgeshire Rgt Don Chron 7-5-1915
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Herbert Vincent Corbett was born in 1893. His father was a doctor and lived on Thorne Road. Herbert went to Doncaster Grammar School, where he was head boy. After school he went to Cambridge University (St. Catherine’s College), where he gained a second class history degree.

When war broke out he was on holiday in Wimeraux, near Boulogne in France. He managed to leave France for England on the last available boat. Whilst at Cambridge he had joined the Officer’s Training Corps. He was transferred in to the Territorial Force of the Cambridge Regiment. He saw a lot of fighting and in April 1915 he received a bullet wound that shattered his collar bone. He was invalided home with his severe injury. He then went back out to the front in June 1918 with the Essex Regiment and was was killed in action on 17 October 1918.

His name is featured on the Hall Cross School Memorial.

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