Is this a Doncaster Funeral?

samuel george cortege

Title: samuel george cortege
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I attach a photo of Driver Samuel George Barratt of the Royal Field Artillery who is the lead driver in this world war one era funeral. We don’t know who’s funeral it is, when the funeral took place, although between Oct 1916 and Mar 1918 is an educated guess possibly early 1917, or where the funeral took place, although the Cortege is clearly starting from a railway station that looks a lot like Doncaster of that era. Help required to rule Doncaster ‘in or out’ and if it is Doncaster then who’s funeral could it have been?

No details on the back of the photo.

Lead drivers service history shown below:

L23579 Samuel George Barratt (1899-1934)

Details declared at attestation in Nottingham 2 May 1915:

·         Declared Address: 13 Shepherd St, Wolverhampton

·         Declared Age as at 2 May 1915: 19 years 9 months (Actual Age 16 years 4 months)

·         Declared occupation:  Town Carter

2nd May 1915 – 7th January 1916 – Home Service

12th August 1915 – Posted as a Driver with 188 (CLXXXVIII) Brigade Royal Field Artillery (who were raised in Nottingham).

21st August 1915 – Posted as a Driver with B Battery 152 (CLII) (Nottingham) Brigade Royal Field Artillery who were assigned to 34th Division.

8th January 1916 – 7th June 1916 – France (151 days)

On 3 January 1916 embarkation orders arrived; by 15 January the 34th Division had crossed the Channel and was concentrated at La Crosse, east of St Omer.

The Division then moved South East towards Beaumont Hamel where they began to prepare for the Somme offensive in July.  The Division then remained on the Western Front for the remainder of the war.

May 1916 – George contracts an illness and is returned home in June

8th June 1916 – 14th May 1918 – Home Service

8th June 1916 – Admitted War Hospital Bath.  (Discharge date not known).

30th Aug 1916 – His mother Teresa sends letter with Birth Certificate to the War Department declaring him under age.

23 Sep 1916 – Transferred to Class W Army Reserve (Under age) Posted 50th Reserve Brigade

1 Feb 1917 – 18th Birthday

1st Feb – 2 Feb – 346 Brigade RFA Doncaster – Absent (late back from leave) – 7 days detention.

26th April 1918 – Preston – Absent (late back from leave) – 7 days Field Punishment No 2 and deducted 21 days pay.

15th May 1918 – 4th October 1918 – France (143 days)

Many thanks for any help

samuel george cortege

Title: samuel george cortege
Description: by-nc

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