John George Scarbor – hated his cold wet billet!

John George Scarbor born in York on the 5th September, 1876 son of William and Esther Scarbor.  In 1901 the family were living at Fulford Street, Water Fulford, York were John like his father worked as road labourer for York Corporation.  In 1903 on 11th April John married Edith Champrey in Fulford, York, and in 1911 they lived in Stillingfleet, York and John was a cowman on a farm.  Around this time they moved to Campsall and John worked at Campsmount.

When war broke out John joined the army, but was too old to fight on the front line but was enlisted  in the Home Defence in the Bedford Regiment, this being a  Home Defence Regiment.  John undertook his  training  at Harlow Carr near Harrogate.  The conditions here was really poor, wet and cold and John hated it! After he completed his training he was transferred to Hartlepool for coastal defence, and was billeted  in near derelict property, but John said  this was still much better than at Harlow Carr!

After the war John returned to Campsmount as a gardener, then  later worked for Pilkingtons Glass Works at Kirk Sandall as a  gardener/groundsman .

John died in June 1939 and has buried at Kirk Sandall, he was living at King George Square, Kirk Sandall at the time of his death.

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