John Thomas Jewitt-Poskitt

Private John Thomas Jewitt Poskitt ( served as J. Simpson)
King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 3rd Battln. (No 26579)

John enlisted in the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and served under the name of John Simpson. He was born on 5th January 1891 at Bridge Street , Thorne, his mother was Ellen Poskitt Jewett, domestic servant, but no father was entered on his birth certificate.

There is no John T Jewitt Poskitt  (or any other combinations of his name on any census returns) however  on the 1891 census but there is a John J Simpson living with his grandparents  James and Elizabeth Simpson in Morris Yard, Bridge Street, Thorne aged 3months, and on the 1901 census this is a John Poskett  living with his unmarried mother Elizabeth Poskett at Thorne, perhaps someone could throw some light on this mystery?

John served in France and was injured on the Somme in1916 and invalided home. John was placed in the army reserve and undertook farmwork to regain strength but he fell ill and was taken to Rotherham hospital where he died from pneumonia on 20th April 1917 and was buried in St. Nicholas Extension on 22nd April 1917 with full military honours as reported in The Goole Times under the name J T J Poskitt.

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  1. Debra Hankin

    Hi. John Thomas poskitt is my great uncle. His brother Charles is my Granddad. Basically, his mother Ellen poskitt was unmarried at the time she had Charles and John . She later married a William krosgoe and had 2 other children. Charles and John never lived with Ellen whilst she was married to William and instead lived with their Grandparents Elizabeth Poskitt and Francis Jewitt- Francis and Elizabeth never married but their children switched between surnames. ( this is where jewitt came into johns surname.)
    However at certain times in his life, Francis would go by the name James Simpson – this is a total mystery to me as to why. Anyway, that is where the surname Simpson came from. Officially the surname is Poskitt and when my nanna was dating Charles he was known as Charlie Simpson. It was only when they were going to marry that nanna found out his surname was actually Poskitt and insisted they were married with his official name, else my mum could have been a Simpson not a Poskitt

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