Kirton Ivor Seager Smith in Training at the Racecourse

Ivor Seager Kirton Smith

Title: Ivor Seager Kirton Smith
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Submitted by Fay Alexandra Seager Brown (Great Grandaughter)

Kirton Ivor Seager Smith was born in Sunderland in 1893. He studied medicine at what was then the Newcastle School of Medicine of Durham University, and qualified as a doctor aged 21 in 1914. On the outbreak of war later that year he obtained a commission in the 2/1ST Northumbrian Field Ambulance (RAMC) with whom he served until 1919, eventually holding the rank of Major.

The photographs shown were recently unearthed in an old box of family photos and show Ivor and the 2/1st Northumbrian Field Ambulance training at Doncaster Racecourse in 1915. In 1916 they were to be posted to Salonika where they served in the Macedonia Campaign and where Ivor caught Malaria before returning in 1919. He married my Great Grannie (Miss Marguerite McFarlane), in 1920 and worked as a General Practitioner in Sunderland. His daughter Maureen (My Grannie) was born in 1922 but tragically Ivor was to die the next year of appendicitis. He never met his second daughter with whom my Great Grannie was pregnant with at the time.

Ivor is very much a hero in our family and we treasure numerous accounts of his dedication and kindness during his service in WW1 and later during his time as a GP. He was particularly dedicated to the care of children, and the year before his death saved a little girl’s life by grafting skin from his own foot onto her after she had been badly scalded.

He was very much loved and by all accounts was one of the best and kindest men to have ever lived. I’m incredibly proud to have been given the middle name ‘Seager’ in his honour.

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