Doncaster accountant Norman Pickslay Clark

Norman Pickslay Clark

Title: Norman Pickslay Clark
Description: Doncaster Gazette 01 September 1916 by-nc

Norman Pickslay Clark was born in 1893 in Doncaster.

Before the war, Norman had studied at Doncaster Grammar School. He was an active leader of the Boy Scouts and had been training to be a chartered accountant.

His father was a Councillor and his sister was a nurse at the Arnold Auxiliary hospital on Thorne Road.

During the First World War he enlisted in to the North Staffordshire Regiment, he was then commissioned into the West Yorkshire Regiment and finally attached to the Royal Munster Fusilliers (7th Battalion) and served as a Second Lieutenant. His parents William and Louisa, living at 14 Regent Square, Doncaster, received a telegram detailing that he had been slightly wounded whilst on duty, but remained in the field. Two days after this injury, on 24th August 1916, he was killed in action. His Commanding Officer wrote ” Your boy was killed while most gallantly leading an attack on the enemy trenches. He was detailed by his company commander to lead the second attack but asked to go with the first; he was hit by rifle or machine gun fire at close range, and died at once. He was buried where he fell the next day by a division which relieved us.”

His name appears on the Thiepval War Memorial, as well as the war memorial at Hall Cross School.

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