Private Charles H Ellerby

Charles Hatcliffe Ellerby was born in early 1887. He and his family lived on 56 Pontefract Road in Barnsley before later moving next door to number 54. Charles lived with his parents, two brothers and his sister. His father, John Ellerby, was a self-employed boot/shoe maker until his death in mid-1904 at the age of 51. Charles now lived with his widowed mother, Letitia Ellerby, and his two brothers; his sister had moved out in 1909 having married Arthur William Rawlings. The remaining Ellerby household lived on 56 June Street during this time.

Before the war, Charles was working as a mason. Charles and both his brothers (George and John) would sign up. Both George and John would join up with the Royal Engineers. Charles joined the KOYLI (King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) and was put into 2nd Battalion. He would serve there until he tragically died. At the time of his death, he was in the 13th Infantry Brigade as part of 5th Division. He was transferred to Rawalpindi British General Hospital which was set up in a hotel in Wimereux, Boulogne, France. He would die of his wounds on 9th May 1915. He was buried in Wimereux Communal Cemetery located in plot I. G. 11A Grave No. 413. Charles would be remembered during a requiem for fallen soldiers in Barnsley on 23rd June 1918. For his service, he was awarded a Victory medal, a 1914-15 star, and a British War Medal.

Charles’ brothers would live out the war. Charles’ older brother George left the army in 1919 and married Edith Annie Horbury in 1917. His younger brother, John, would leave the army in 1920 and marry Lily Todd in 1921 and have a daughter – Rose Ellerby. His sister, Lilly, would go on to have a child named after their mother – Letitia Rawlings.

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