Private Fredrick Temple of the Grand Theatre

Frederick Temple

Title: Frederick Temple
Description: Doncaster Chronicle 15-06-1917 pg3 by-nc

Fredrick Temple was born in 1894 in Doncaster. He lived at 5 West Laith Gate with his mother, Mary Ann, and his father, John Thomas. His father worked as a railway porter.

At the time of the 1911 census, Fred was working as a theatrical manager’s clerk at the Grand Theatre on Station Road, close to Doncaster railway station.  When the First World War began Fred enlisted in the 15th Battalion Royal Scotts as a Private.

On the 27th January 1917 Fred married Rebecca Fear. On their marriage record, Rebecca’s occupation is listed as ‘ Palace picture house cashier’. Rebecca was the daughter of John (a railway guard) and Sarah.

Later that year, on the June 22 1917, the Doncaster newspapers reported that Fred’s wife had not heard from him for a long time. The Doncaster Chronicle described him as a ‘good correspondent’ and stated it was out of character for him to not write a letter. The article continued to say that Fred became assistant manager of the theatre when Mr C. H. Bell, joined the Flying Corps and Fred took his place. Mrs Temple appealed for information about Fred’s whereabouts. Two weeks later, the family’s fears that Fred had been killed were abated when they received news that Fred had actually been taken prisoner. His wife received correspondence from the War Office that he was wounded but safe as a prisoner in Germany. The International Committee of the Red Cross record for Fred shows him as being a prisoner from 28 April 1917 and that he had been shot in the leg and hand.

Fred survived the war and continued to live at 5 West Laith Gate, until later in his life when he moved to 83 St John’s Wood. He died in Doncaster in 1966.

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