Stanley William Milan at the Arnold Auxiliary Hospital

Stanley William Milan

Title: Stanley William Milan
Description: Doncaster Chronicle 18th Jun 1915 by-nc

Stanley William Milan, of 29 Thorne Road, was injured on 31 August 1914. A bugler in the 5th Yorkshire Green Howards, Stanley was in a trench when a gassed shell burst above and he was in the thigh by shrapnel. An operation saved his leg, but he needed time to recover and he was moved to the Arnold Auxiliary Hospital on Thorne Road.

The Doncaster Chronicle visited Stanley to hear the story of his lucky escape. Stanley told them how he hobbled over the road on crutches to visit his parents at his family home on Thorne Road and finished the interview by thanking and praising all those at the Arnold. Stanley was discharged from the army due to his injuries in September 1916 and died age 90 in December 1985 in Doncaster.

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