Third Brother to Fall

Corporal Frank V Elvidge, the 7th son of George Elvidge, was the 3rd of 4 serving brothers to fall in action.

He was 23 years of age and an old boy of Hyde Park School.  Before joining the army in February 1916, he was employed by Sprakes Builders.

Corporal Elvidge went to the front in the autumn of 1916.  A report from an officer in reporting his death to his father says

“that the deceased was hit by a piece of shell, and only lived for a very short time after.  I am very grieved indeed, more especially as he was the senior corporal in my section, and often had to take charge of the men when the sergeant was away, and very often was a great help to me in this and other ways.  He was also gas N.C.O. for the company.

It mat be some little comfort to you to know, that he cannot have had any pain after being hit, and strangely enough was not far from where one of his brothers is buried, and was making a new cross for the grave at the time, a long way behind the line.  We buried him today not far from here, and a good many of the section were able to go to the funeral.  I need hardly tell you how much I regret losing one who was not only a fine soldier and a good N.C.O.,but also always most cheerful and a good comrade in the company”.

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