Thomas Cragg MM

Thomas received his MM on 19th July 1919, it was the date of Thorne’s Peace Celebrations, awarded for braving heavy bombardment to take ammunition supplies up the line in France, probably during the battle of Havrincourt in September 1918, alongside Sgt. Laurence Calvert who won a V.C. in the same battle.  Thomas served with the 2nd/5th K.O.Y.L.I. (Service no. 240242) from the outset of the war and was with the army of occupation in Germany six months after the war ended.

Thomas was the son of Charles and Rebecca Hannah Cragg and was born in 1893 in Blyth.  Before the war in 1911 Thomas a waggoner on a farm, living with his parents and siblings at Bank Side in Thorne.

Thomas married Mildred S. Fidler in 1934 in Thorne and worked at Hatfield Main Colliery until his retirement.

Thomas died in 1963.

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