Vere Gosling (Viscountess Galway) and Serlby Hall Hospital

Lady Galways Hospital Serlby Don Chron Oct 23 1914 pg 2 (3) CROPPED PORTRAIT

Title: Lady Galways Hospital Serlby Don Chron Oct 23 1914 pg 2 (3) CROPPED PORTRAIT
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Vere Gosling was born in 1859 in Surrey. In 1879, she married George Edmund Milnes Monckton Arundell. Together, they founded a military hospital at their home Serlby Hall in around 1910, as a precautionary measure if England were to be invaded.

When the First World War broke out, this hospital was put to good use. Serlby Hall was unique as it was not administered by the Red Cross or St John’s. It functioned as an auxiliary military hospital under Surgeon General Ford of York and the hospitals running expenses were covered entirely by Lord and Lady Galway. The hospital had around 50 beds and housed soldiers from many different regiments. Lady Galway died in 1921.

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  1. Linda Brownlow

    I have jus been given some old family photograph and have found 2 pictures of Viscountess Galway amongst them. One of the pictures is he dressed as Lady Idonea de serleby. I don’t know why her pictures should be in my family history. I think it may be that one of my ancestors, Ethel (?) may have been born there. I just thought you might be interested. I don’t see any pictures of Lady Idonea de serleby on the internet.
    Linda Brownlow

  2. Linda Brownlow

    Further to my last comment. I believe that the relative of mine that was born in Serlby Hall was Ethel Carr born in 1911. I have also found a picture of Viscount Galway looking very jolly in his top hat and moustache

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