Who is this young solider ????

My husband and I are keen antique collectors and I am a seasoned genealogist with a particular interest in WW1 and the men who fought in it. On a recent antique hunt we came across a large framed photograph of a ww1 solider, pushed away behind a jumble of old framed pictures. We pulled it out and I was immediately drawn to the young man staring back at me. There was something in his expression that I found both intriguing and incredibly sad. I have been involved many times in researching soldiers from the 1st world war as part of my passion for family history research. But I have seldom come across a photograph that had such an impact on me. It was so sad to see, what would have been a very expensive framed photograph of this young man , hidden away and forgotten.

We asked the dealer if he had any information about the picture but he said he’d just bought it as part of a job Lott at an auction and knew nothing about it’s origins at all.

So we haggled a bit and bought it.

I cleaned it up and we very carefully took the photograph out of its frame in case there were any clues on the back. But there was nothing. The only information was the name of the photographer, James George Powles and the place it was taken, Goole. We identified his cap badge as The Kings Own light infantry but that is all we know.

I would love to find out who this young man is and hopefully reunite him with his family. He as clearly loved as this was a very large expensive photograph at the time. I know I would be very proud to have him in my ancestry.

So if anyone can give me any information that could lead to even the smallest clue to get me started on finding out who this solider is, or date his uniform or tell me anything at all about this picture I would be so grateful. I have learned alot about the photographer but there are no surviving records of his clients so that’s a dead end. Do you recognize him as belonging to you from other family photographs ?


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