Denaby Soldier William Howell Powell Westwood

William Howell Powell Westwood

Title: William Howell Powell Westwood
Description: Bristol Rovers Team Photo by-nc

William Howell Powell Westwood was born in Langley Green, Worcester in 1882. He lived in places such as Denaby and Conisbrough where he was working as a Coal Mine Pony Driver. In 1909 he married Annie Eliza Denham with whom he had four children (Elizabeth, Rose, Emily and Willie). At some point he played for Bristol Rovers, although it’s unclear how he ended up in Bristol!

William enlisted in Strensall, Yorkshire into the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry as #241454 Corporal William Howell Powell Westwood.

On the 3rd of May 1917 William was killed in action, and his personal effects were given to his children.

Thank you to¬†Angie Rankin for submitting his story. William’s daughter Lizzie, whose postcard is below, is Angie’s Grandmother.

On the Bristol Rovers photograph, William can be seen on the top row, second from right.

William Westwood - Postcard

Title: William Westwood - Postcard
Description: Sent to his daughter Lizzie by-nc

William Westwood - Postcard

Title: William Westwood - Postcard
Description: Reverse of postcard sent to Lizzie by-nc


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  1. Peter Bradshaw

    The following article from the “Gainsborough News” adds some information about him (although they got his regiment wrong)
    Gainsborough News 25.5.17

    Corpl. William Westwood, York and Lancaster Regiment, of Denaby Main, a well-known South Yorkshire footballer, has been killed in action. He enlisted at Gainsborough after the last match of the season 1914-15, and half the Mexborough Town team enlisted with him. Five of the team have since fallen in action. Westwood has played full back for Mexborough Town, Thornhill, Danaby United and Bristol Rovers.

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