William Wright Warde-Aldam

William Wright Warde-Aldam

Title: William Wright Warde-Aldam
Description: By kind permission of Mark Warde-Norbury by-nc

William Wright Aldam was born at Frickley Hall in 1854. He changed his name by Royal Licence to William Warde-Aldam following his marriage in 1878 to Sarah Julia Warde of Hooton Pagnell Hall. After attending Oxford University, he served as a magistrate in the West Riding of Yorkshire. William lived between Hooton Pagnell and Frickley Hall with his wife Julia, and their two sons William St Andrew and John Ralph.

Following the introduction of compulsory military service in 1916, a tribunal system was implemented for men who did not want to, or could not fight. Decisions made at these tribunals could be appealed against, and William heard these appeals for the southern area of the West Riding of Yorkshire at Doncaster Mansion House. He died at Frickley Hall in 1925.

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  1. james derham-reid

    WW Warde-Aldam of Ederline came into ownership of Auchinellan prior to the Great War and sold it to my gfather and his sister following war’s end.
    as they were direct descendants of the Campbells of the land. About 1922. Why was he at Ederline?

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