Next of Kin Memorial Plaque, Scroll and King’s Message

The memorial plaque is approximately 11cm ( 4.5 inches) in diameter and is inscribed with the name of someone who died serving with Empire forces during the First World War. It is commonly referred to as the Death Plaque, Dead Man’s Penny, or Widow’s Penny.

It was issued to the next of kin along with a printed scroll, 11 x 7 inches (about 28 x 18 cm), intended to be kept as a record of their sacrifice plus a message from King George V.

With nearly a million dead for the British Army alone, many of the plaques survive today, lesser so the scrolls which were extremely fragile. Both plaque and scroll were sometimes framed, some were mounted on parish church walls or added to memorials.

A miniature version (approx 2”) are sometimes found, privately manufactured and with no names, presumably as other family members may have wanted a memorial in addition to the one memorial plaque received by each family.

Wilfred Nicholson Death Penny

Wilfred Nicholson Memorial Plaque