Terms and Conditions


The Doncaster 1914-18 project gives you the opportunity to add your photographs and stories to our website to create an online, community-sourced archive of Doncaster’s First World War history. All personal data comes under the protection and controls of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Before you can submit digital material to Doncaster 1914-18, you must agree to our Terms and Conditions for User Contributions. If you have any further questions about the following terms and conditions, please contact a member of the project team. More details about the Creative Commons Licence can be found online at www.creativecommons.org. By submitting content to the Doncaster 1914-18 project, you agree to the following terms:

Copyright information

By participating in the project you warrant that you own the rights (including copyright, or permission from the rights owner, if there is one) to publish any material that you submit. You undertake not to violate the rights of any third party, impersonate another person, or share the personal information of living people without their permission. You may publish names and dates of birth of living people where this data comes from a legally permitted, publicly available source. If you are unsure about the source of data, please contact us for advice before publishing on the website.

You grant to us a non-exclusive licence in all copyright and rights in the nature of copyright subsisting in the material submitted to us on the website for the duration of the Doncaster 1914-18 project. We may –

(a) reproduce the photographs and/or stories and /or any material submitted to us on the website; and

(b) allow the photographs and/or stories and /or any material submitted to us on the website to be used by any other person so long as such use is non-commercial; and

(c) reproduce the photographs and/or stories and /or any material in any advertising or promotional material relating to the Doncaster 1914-18 project, including reproducing the same for exhibitions.

How we use content created by users

You keep the copyright in any content that you create or publish on the website. All content submitted will fall under an Attribution Non-Commercial Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-NC 3.0). This allows us (Doncaster Heritage Services) and its users (any third party) to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, and also allows to them remix, transform, and build upon the material. This licence requires us or any third party user to give appropriate credit to content, provide a link to the licence, and indicate if changes were made. If we or any third party user does make alterations to the content, they have to allow others to use the altered content under the same conditions.  Please be aware that you are allowing everybody to use any descriptive data you submit (such as descriptions or tags) in almost any way they like, without further conditions.

Content you create is available on the internet

The Doncaster 1914-18 is pleased to offer a service whereby users can store their memories, photographs and other information; however please keep a copy of your information elsewhere.

Doncaster Heritage Services shall not be liable for any loss of information (including photographs) under any circumstances; including, for example, should it be necessary to close the website. We therefore strongly suggest that you back-up your information elsewhere. More information can be found in our Preservation Tips.

We will credit all website submissions and images with your full name. If you would prefer to be credited another way, such as with a link to your website, local history group or other organisation, please let us know.

Donating Items

A digital copy of your items will exist on the Doncaster 1914-18 website and its back-ups for the foreseeable future. We will not take any items into the Heritage Services collection, unless we have agreed this with you beforehand. However, we may look to expand our collections in the future, collecting both physical objects and digital copies of objects into our permanent collections or seek loans as part of the Doncaster 1914-18 project, and may contact you regarding this.

Deleting Your Account

In the event that you delete your account by entering and confirming your email address in the Manage My Account section of the website, your profile and any images and content you have uploaded will disappear from public view. However, this information will be stored privately by us until the end of the project. Should you wish us to completely remove all content and data stored about you, please fill out this form.